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The law always takes into account consent for people 18 years old or older.

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So, a person accused of a crime can raise as a defence the fact that his or her adult partner consented to the sexual activities. This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice. You are about to visit a Quebec website. The site only explains Quebec and Canadian laws and regulations.

Crimes, Tickets and Fines. Print Facebook Twitter Email. Depending on what you are doing and who you are doing it with, sexual activity with a person under 18 years-old is illegal. A person under 18 years of age cannot consent to sexual activity if:.

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There are exceptions for young persons under 16 years of age who have consensual sexual activity with someone close in age. These exceptions make sure the law does not label consensual activities between young people as criminal offences. It is not a criminal offence if:. These exceptions only apply if the older person is not in a position of authority or trust and there is no exploitation.

Can someone else, such as a parent or friend, consent for me? You can show by your words OR actions that you do not consent. Actions, such as struggling and trying to leave, show that you do not consent. The police will not charge you with assault if the force you use is reasonable. You can use the force that is necessary to protect yourself from the attacker. What if I did not resist because I was too afraid? Even if you did not resist because you were too afraid, the attacker cannot say that you consented.

You are not expected to put your life at risk. The law does not consider that you freely agreed just because you did not struggle or resist. What if I agree to the sexual activity at first, and then I change my mind? Once you show that you no longer agree to the sexual activity, there is no longer consent.

Your consent must be ongoing. In other words, you can take back your consent. Also, consenting to one kind of sexual activity does not mean you consent to any other sexual activity. Can a person say that I consented if I was drunk? If you are drinking or high on drugs and unable to make a decision, the law does not consider that you consented.

You must be conscious to give consent. If the person honestly and reasonably believed he or she had your consent to sexual activity, it may be a defence. However, a person cannot use this defence if:. The police can charge anyone who forces sexual activity on you with sexual assault. It does not matter if the person is your spouse, your common law partner or your date. What if I agreed to see someone that I met online? Just because you agreed to meet someone, does not mean that you consented to sexual activity. Assault is the intentional use of force against somebody without his or her consent.

Trying to use force or threatening to use force may also be assault. Touching, slapping, punching, kicking or pushing are examples of assault. Sexual assault is any kind of assault that is of a sexual nature. Are there different kinds of sexual assault offences? Sexual offences apply to different types of sexual contact, not just rape. The difference between offences depends on the nature of the assault and how much force the person uses.

The law recognizes a range of offences and punishments.

Age of Consent to Sexual Activities

Invitation to sexual touching is inviting a child under the age of 16 to touch directly or indirectly, the body of any other person. Sexual interference is touching a child under the age of 16, whether directly or indirectly, for a sexual purpose. Luring a child is communicating with a young person using a computer in order to arrange or commit certain sexual offences.

Voyeurism is the secret observation by any means or recording of any person for a sexual purpose, in circumstances where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. The law considers it to be sexual exploitation for anyone in a position of trust or authority over a young person, to engage in sexual activity with them. This includes a person on whom the young person is dependent.

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A young person is a person 16 years of age or more, but under 18 years. The age of consent in Singapore is 16 for all opposite-sex activity and male and female same-sex sexual activity: Under section A outrages on decency in the Penal Code states: This means that all male same-sex sexual activity including mutual masturbation, oral or anal sex is still illegal and the punishment is up to two 2 years jail, based on the Offences Against The Person Act The age of consent in South Korea is However, no one shall commit any of the following acts: The age of consent in Sri Lanka is A man is said to commit "rape" who enactment has sexual intercourse with, a woman under circumstances falling under any of the following descriptions:.

nn.threadsol.com/143762-mobile-phone-monitoring.php Any kind of sexual activity outside marriage is illegal in Syria. The age of consent in Syria is 18, per Article Every person who has sexual intercourse with a minor under 15 years of age shall be liable to a term of nine years' imprisonment at hard labour. The age of consent in Taiwan is 16 regardless of sex. The sentence is reduced or exempted if the offender is under If the offender is under 18, it's an offense indictable only upon a complaint.

The age of consent in Tajikistan is 16, as specified in article of the Criminal Code. The penalty is specified as deprivation of freedom for 2 to 5 years. It should be noted, however, that articles and provide harsher penalties for Rape and Forcible sex against minors, including the possible death penalty for rape of a girl under The age of consent in Thailand is 15 regardless of gender or sexual orientation, as specified by article of the Thai Criminal Code.

The current legislation applies to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation. However, parts of the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act , which disallow any sexual contact with prostitutes under the age of 18, are widely interpreted by some local authorities to cover sexual acts classed as "obscenity for personal gratification". Also, from the Penal Code Amendment Act of Section bis , having sex with an adolescent under 18 is a compoundable offense even with the consent of that person. The parent or the adolescent may file charges against the other side if they later regret their own action.

This ostensibly makes the Thai unfettered age of consent A high-profile example of this application of the law was a statutory rape charge filed against the lead singer of the Thai band Big Ass for allegedly having had sex with a then year-old girl. The charge was filed by the girl after the singer refused to take responsibility for her baby. The singer has since been cleared of being the baby's father due to the results of a paternity test and he received 2 years suspended sentence.

The age of consent in Turkmenistan is Sexual activity outside marriage is illegal in the UAE. The age of consent in Uzbekistan is 16 for heterosexual males oral sex for homosexual males and both lesbian and heterosexual females. Sexual relations with a person under sixteen 16 years of age, Clause of the Criminal Code: The Penal Code and several news sources indicate that the age of consent in Vietnam is 16 regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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Committing rape against a juvenile aged between full 16 and under 18 years old, the offenders shall be sentenced to between five and ten years of imprisonment. Those who rape children aged between full 13 years and under 16 years shall be sentenced to between seven and fifteen years of imprisonment. Those who employ trickery to induce persons dependent on them or persons being in dire straits to have sexual intercourse with them against their will shall be sentenced to between six months and five years of imprisonment.

Those who have forcible sexual intercourse with children aged from full 13 years to under 16 years shall be sentenced to between five and ten years of imprisonment. Any kind of sexual activity outside marriage is illegal in Yemen. Until recently, Yemeni law set the age of consent at But tribal customs often trump the law.

America's Age Of Consent Laws

In April , the case of Nujood Ali , a year-old girl who successfully obtained a divorce, sparked headlines around the world, and prompted calls to raise the legal age for marriage to The law was passed in April , but dropped the following day following maneuvers by opposing parliamentarians.

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