Female dating market value

So women would do well to nurture these aspects of their feminine side, if they hope to have a happy relationship with a man. Most men can easily transition from a sexual relationship, to a marriage, if they so desire. Marriage is ideally for a lifetime, and to make a lifetime commitment, things have to be as close to perfect as possible. For women passing their SMV peak, as they get older, they can no longer can attract the same quality and quantity of partners as they did before.

Gender Attraction Differential

At this time, there is less choice, and less opportunity to make a satisfying choice. If a woman has not found a suitable marriage partner before this time, she is likely facing a lot of sublimated regrets and angst, while being forced to accept some very unattractive choices about how to spend the rest of her life.

They realize they have much more choice and opportunities than they ever before realized, and they feel stupid and ashamed to have made the choices they made earlier in life.

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These men often make the mistake of throwing away everything they have invested their lives in, just to pursue the possibilities of what they might have missed out on. By doing so, you will wisely make the most of your personal assets, and do the best towards achieving your own happiness and potential. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Home About What is Frame? What is the Red Pill? All Many young people, especially females, fail to recognize that there is a difference between their sexual market value SMV and their marriage market value MMV. How does a woman attract and keep a husband? October 5, Sigma Frame: Maintaining a consistent frame of mind.

Being purpose-driven, focused on their careers and various interests. Attaining an education and accumulating wealth and a reputation. Dressing to kill on a somewhat regular basis. Invariably women have an inflated opinion of their appeal, or that of their friends when they have at best moderate dating capital.

By the same token they denigrate the dating capital of the truly exceptional women, dismissing them as sluts or bitches or whatever when they subconsciously recognize their superior appeal. Invariably you end up in the awkward position of blowing her off without offending your friend who made the introduction.

I know when I have hit the jackpot with a woman when each couple we walk by consists of a gaga guy staring and a jealous woman sneering and dragging him past. Nothing pleases me more; I live for it. I was getting a lot of minus in the end… on the third part,, Back to it, im 31, so i got zero point for age, still guys thinks im 22 and i have seen so many unattractive younger women, Whats all that with younger women?

This is a pretty bad question for the test. In all probability I doubt that he did a cross cultural statistical study to come up with his bmi charts. Thus the two women who have the same bmi may look drastically different: Makes me curious, though. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by a body-mass index of Those numbers are fabricated.


Dating Market Value Test For Women | Chateau Heartiste

Porn is exactly the correct place to find women who are of alpha appearance to MEN. Money talks, bullshit walks. The Anorexia thing is a gigantic racket invented for the purpose of providing revenue to the Therapy Industry. And that is a statistical fact.

Women defending their SMV

On a porn site, I saw a series of films of women riding an orgasm machine — a saddle-like thing that had a vibrating dildo attached. These ladies were having incredible orgasms. It made me think: If the idea was to create an orgasm machine, why would the dildo be average-sized and not big?

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Keep in mind that this was just one series of films. Maybe there are other films of this machine fitted with a big dildo. A big dick is probably psychologically sexier but if a woman is sitting on a hitech robocock i doubt they need any psychological assistance. Too big is just too big, it hurts and is no fun at all. Not to mention that skill counts for much more than size. Are you honestly saying that guys would not be more attracted to a girl if she were turned off by their small penis? I just think guy are not that different than girls in that they like a little chase. Hence the guys that follow us around for years though we show no interest at any point.

Since a BMI below Evolutionary speaking, a lot of this stuff is pretty true, but to any biologist it would come as no surprise. You seem to be fooling yourself into believing that the male paradigm is the only one. Come over here, to my paradigm. I am intrigued, however. It is all a game, between men and women, that has evolved for thousands of years, with the end result being the replication of a little genetic matter. All of the above stuff, while true, is boring and predictable. The objectivity of female beauty only goes so far. I guess this is a decent rough estimation.

Just as an experiment I scored exes and plenty of the ones I was more attracted to personally scored as little as half of some of the ones I was less attracted to. The most obvious flaw in this test is the lack of significance given to TNA, really it is the largest factor for most men but it accounts for very few points here. Men hit on me all the time anyway. The science needs brushing up. BMI is invalid because of racial difference and not applicable as universal standard.

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Leave it to knuckle-dragging Fascista to be speaker of truth. I think you are missing a few categories. Good lord, the truth? The truth of what? That people are generally pretty shallow? That society kind of enforces this crap due to the media? Whoop dee fucking doo. This stuff is really, really silly, and pretty much makes you look dumb. Too many factors, and this is just a reflection of your opinion as opposed to a representation of the general populace.

I want to hear success stories. There are basically three types of men: I agree with the general concept of such a market value test. In my opinion, a lot of women […]. I disagree with the anal sex question. This is almost—but not quite—as stupid as you are. You must be one of those pimply-faced gamers who nevers spends much time in the real world. Income and world views not listed? In a stupid insignificant kind of way.

Or your small penises. Male oriented Alpha males construct patronage organizations, and are often not of any interest at all to women. All mentored younger guys throughout their career, and got huge amounts of loyalty in return. Lincoln was out of that mode, and women did not really find him attractive. They can also be positional, i. Since women are hard-wired to want guys who are more powerful, socially dominant, and so on than they are … AND have reached parity, this leaves ALL guys who are not female-oriented Alphas out in the cold. Probably the principal reason for high divorce rates.

Men only bond if they are really, the only significant and important lover for a woman.

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This is why the combination of human sexuality and restrictions on it most of the time worked to create lasting pair bonds for raising kids and companionate marriage after. Through intense sex with each other creating bonding chemical hormones. Well understood by science. The effect drops to near zero when too many partners are involved for the woman and man. Humans are unique in that they can reproduce to two basic patterns based on resources. If a woman wants a lifelong partner, her best bet is to rationally consider her time-limited her looks fade fast options.

The supply of Tom Bradys is pretty limited, and they can and will dump a Bridget Moynihan for a Gisele Bundchen, younger and prettier. This is true of men as well, but their time window is longer, as long as they have power or wealth on their side. Lucy, men are not attracted to fat women. Deal with it or not. Most men would prefer pr0n to fatties. But nearly all women have to do this, otherwise the incentives fall apart.