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You do not have to play all your matches in one session—you can play your matches seconds, minutes, days, or weeks apart. The system will attempt to pair you with someone of the same record. In Constructed, you will take a card minimum deck with champion and reserves into the Gauntlet. In-between matches, you can adjust your main deck with reserve cards and change champions.

If you like to tinker more than the Dwarves of Entrath, then this next format is for you.

Hex: Shards Of Fate Launches Singleplayer PvE Mode | Rock Paper Shotgun

You can completely rebuild your deck from your sealed pool in-between matches, including champion. But without this - Low player population guarantied — same as game dead sooner or later.

Hex - RB Aggro - Standard - March 26th, 2018

Last edited by icecore ; 21 Apr, 5: Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. Gregangel View Profile View Posts. Phantom draft will never happen. So more casual competitive mode.

Kyutaru View Profile View Posts. Also, if you want to play for free, you can do that by participating in one of the various community leagues. Or just challenge literally anyone to duel. You can set the rules beforehand for what cards are legal or only play with people that have similar collection values to you. Which you can determine by requesting their HEX tcgbrowser card collection link. For players with a low value collection, Rock League is a tournament where only commons are allowed.

Ardor Day Event

Dracodai View Profile View Posts. There is beeing developed player selected compeditive mode as far as i know. I'm terrible at this game.

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This mode has now been implemented according to Chris Wood's dev stream: It should be just basic shards like momir basic. Reason being that it is supposed to be a casual ffa format where everyone should have the same odds. Its a heavy rng format which is fun for a ffa format so please make it the same odds for everyone. It shouldnt be overcomplicated by having all shards.


Hex: Shards Of Fate Launches Singleplayer PvE Mode

It is supposed to be a format where I jump in without having to think about my "deck". It should be a simple queue and not a tournament. It is a fun format. Jump in to have some casual fun and not "have another weekly 3 hour tournament". Thats defeating the entire purpose.

Ardor Day 2018

Good to see some action finally though. I am super psyched about this coming to the game! It's not going to be exactly as proposed in the OP but still pretty exciting to see Chris working on it and actually see a demo of it being played in the dev client!

HEX Update – The Convocation

Ideally I'd have liked to see it where players could customize their deck, but I'm okay with it being prebuilt with basic shards to allow a lower barrier to entry for random matchmaking. I do hope that they also add a custom deck option for direct-challenge mode though, so we can customize our decks and get a bit more competitive with friends.

Thanks again Chris for the excellent stream, I really look forward to the next one!

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  • I'm going to repeat here what I said in stream. As a scheduled tournament, I'm fine with only basic shard decks.