Im dating a team magma grunt chapter 9

The sun peaked over the rolling green hills of Veranturf town as the boy slipped his hand into her's, a comforting and relaxing smile on his face.

She planted a very chaste kiss on his cheek, yet the boy felt like it was special, unique, just for him. The girl smiled warmly, her hair being teased by the northwestern zephyrs, giving her the scent of sweet grass to go with her smell of jasmine. A lingering smirk was held in the young girl's eye as she pushed the boy over and then The sun beat down on the boy and girl, beads of sweat forming onto his and her forehead.

The hot wind blew against the boy's cheek as he looked at the love of his life gently graze the wooden floor of the porch with her thumb.

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She was staring into the nothingness, watching people come and people go. He frowned for a moment, reaching out for his water bottle to parch his throat, but there was no need, for as soon as the boy lifted the water to his lips, a small jet of water came rushing at him. He heard the girl giggle playfully, using her own water bottle to squirt the young boy trainer's head. He laughed at this and squirted the girl too, running away. The world became his and his girl's own place to play in. The girl jumped onto the boy's back as he spun her around, not noticing the dark, looming, gray clouds above them.

All they knew was that they were dancing in the rain The rain dance soon had to end for they had to go in. It was night time now by the time they entered the house, soaked to the bone but warm smiles planted on his and her face. Hours later, the boy and the girl finally fell asleep. But in the middle of the night The boy stumbled around in the dark, groping for the switch to the lamp. He heard quiet sobs coming from the other half of the room. His heart was in the grasp of fear. He tripped over his two left feet but fortunately found the lamp.

With a small click, the light flickered on, giving the boy minimal comfort. He turned around and saw his girl crying softly on the floor, tears running down her rosy cheeks. He looked worried as he crossed the room, having no clue why the girl was crying. Silently, he kneeled down to the girl's position, took one of her hands, and wiped a single tear away. The boy never knew why she cried in the middle of the night, but he was glad he was the one that made them stop The next morning, the girl was gone!

The boy, alarmed, quickly threw on his daytime clothes and ran out the door. He ran to the forest as the girl was quite fond of the forest when dew was dropping off the leaves and the forest smelled so good His eyes darted back and forth, searching, hunting for the one he sought out. He raised an eyebrow, confused by the predicament he was in. It was like he was in a world filled with nothingness.

A crackle of leaves and a small gust of wind from behind him caught his attention. He turned around swiftly, but no one was there. Frustrated, he kicked a nearby rock, his eyebrows scrunching up. Yet another sound was heard but this time something pounced on him, covering his eyes. He stumbled around a bit, trying to get the pair of hands off. The hands felt soft and smooth; he recognized those hands.

He groaned inwardly as he got the familiar hands off of his face. The girl's eyes has a mischievous sparkle in them as they met his own orbs. He laughed out a bit and carried the girl back to town on his back. All of this just for a piggyback ride The boy raced into town, the girl giggling happily upon his back. A quiet shadow passed by, and the boy's vision began to obscure He held on to his head.

That menacing, insane laughter throbbed throughout it. He fell on this knees. It felt like his eyes turned blood-shot red. That haunting, high-keyed voice, shattering his very soul; his body. He trembled and but his lip; he didn't know why he felt this way. A cool, soft hand touched his forehead ever so delicately. He looked up and peered into dark blue orbs of happiness, worry, hope, and fear. The girl smiled weakly, reaching out for his hand to comfort him and herself as well.

He heard nothing else but the gentle exhales coming from his beloved. He felt nothing else but the warmth in his hand. He saw nothing else but her eyes, the windows of her soul The girl stood up and offered the boy her hand who gladly took it. He led her to a pit of wild flowers In a field of white flowers, the boy and the girl lay on their backs, staring at the fluffy white clouds above them as they daydreamed about life, love and - suddenly, dark, looming clouds overshadowed them.

A splatter of water hit the boy in the forehead as the boy and girl quickly got up and ran towards a shaded tree.

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The rain came down more furiously and the wind howled. The boy glanced at the girl with fearful eyes as she clung to him; he knew something was coming up that would change their lives forever The girl murmured something and disappeared into the shadows without the boy even noticing. The boy stood there, gaping at the sudden downpour of rain The rain poured, the sky roared, and lightning bolts flashed. There was a storm brewing, and the boy and the girl were caught in the middle of it.

The boy sighed deeply. A lightening bolt shot down a tree twenty yards away from them, causing the whole world below their feet to vibrate violently, sparking the tree into a bright inferno. The red-orange fire sent a pang of worry through the boy's stomach. He turned to face the girl, but there was no girl there. Like that flash of lightning, she was there a minute ago but disappeared faster than a blink of an eye.

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  8. And like the fire, it sent the boy one of the worst feeling in the world: Seconds passed, and then minutes, but it seemed to be a lifetime for the boy without the girl by his side I've been looking all over for you! You just had to go and leave me.

    Dating a Team Magma Grunt: Chapter 6 (English Dub)

    You know I wouldn't leave you through good times and bad. And besides the fact that I kind of need you there when I tell my parents that we're getting married! The boy smiled and carried her to the city, the light welcoming to him. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. It sometimes takes more to just love someone. You have to prove it, too. Just Like Her The sky went from its stormy gray color to its light blue coloration.

    I say we destroy her! I told you she would defy us! The Grunts recalled their Pokemon and ran away. No new research was found on that. Where is the sensor transmitting from?

    Pokémon dj: Dating a Team Magma Grunt

    Just answer the damn question. That is where the sensor is being broadcasted from. Team Magma is in love with that place. I only work for Team Magma. Brendan quickly got out his PokeNav to see if he got any new messages but he got none. It sucks," Wally murmured, tossing and turning in his sleep. Brendan and Wally looked at each other and quickly hid under a metal table. The Team Magma Grunts trembled under the angry Admin.

    Dating a Team Magma Grunt Ch. 10

    The Grunts blinked for a few seconds. Brendan and Wally jumped up, both hitting their heads on the steel table. Don't hurt yourself now! I don't think your little mind could take it! Can we just get out of here and find May? Calm down, you piece of metal crud. Don't I get hints or something? Molten rock in the Earth's crust! Entering Team Magma database. Someone is trying to break into the-" "The computer? I'd get your cooties. On the count of one Door," the computer finished.