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They think that Catholics idolize Mary with out really understanding what the reverence that is given to her. But to really help you I would have to know to be able to compare Pentecostal doctrine to anyone else. I might need to know that one know which form of Pentecostal is the main of your church leaders. We hold different services for this type of worship.

The Pentecostal Church - 10 Things You Should Know About Beliefs

Many followers are unaware of the spiritual revival that was part of the Catholic Church years ago. The Catholics and Pentecostal churches both have very solid foundations. You might want to talk to your church leaders and get more information. If you would like after that information is acquired feel free to contact me or us here at yahoo with any more questions you may have.

It's always difficult when you get the most conservative on each side involved. I think what parents worry most about is that the person their child dates is not someone they would like. If Lisa thinks that her parents would like you, do your best to become acquainted with them. Barriers fall away when you open up a connection with hesitant people. I hope things turn out well for you too. You're a little bit young to be thinking 'too' seriously, however, since you both are starting with some biblical 'moral' ground, I would not discourage the relationship.

If you wish to serve God, however, remain single. Scripture and Paul both taught that. You make one statement though, that I'm concerned with Basically, that means YOU should be 'more spiritual' than she is. Everything has an order to it, including marriage.

If the word of God is the only truth for you son, then you will believe it when I tell you that 1 she MUST honour her father and mother YOu are too young for this kind of drama and so is she. I would think so. The people who are opposed are too concerned with the religion aspect instead of the spiritual aspect. A difference in religion can be damaging to any relationship. Remember if you get married you marry the whole family. Catholics believe the church saves them,already a conflick. If your committed go for it. Don't let anyone control your life.

Answer Questions If Corvus Blackthorne expects us to believe he is a raven, shouldn't he look like this? Do Ghost Attend there own funreals? Does this sound like a power gospel to you?

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If Jesus is God how come he has a father? Are you ready and willing to convert because if your not, where do the kids go to on sundays? Why not alternate every sunday? You shld know that you are getting married to someone only because both of are in love and not because both of attend the same church. Love should be the main thing in your marriage.

It is love that secures your marriage and not the church afterall there are cases where people marry because they attend same church only to realise that they are incompatible. God will guide you. Eddy tells, i can't believe you would say that in this age n time. You don't have to go to his church if you don't want to and he dosen't have to be forced to worship at your church. We have the same beliefs about the same father and we know heaven is our home so whats the difference.. Eddy has spoken well. There is much difference between catholic and pentecostal.

Their beliefs are not thesame. KJV If your beliefs aren't thesame, their will be conflict later. And if there is on what basis are going to resolve that?


Unsettle home is always the bane of such marriages. My sister y me just exercise patience God has not forgotten you, He will make a way for you. God might have the best for you bur watching for patience, faithfulness and your faith. Don't let this ephemeral thing to destroy your future. If you miss it in marriage, you miss all and heaven will be a mirage. So you're saying that only propaganda style education, closing off all conflicting info is the way to go?

Anyway, my wife is taking our children to church on sunday and I teach my son 7 about science as much as possible and philosophy when he will be capable enough to have abstract thought to the best of my abilities; My daughter is too young to understand any of this yet anyway. I have no problem that my children are exposed to my wife's religion even though I don't share her beliefs.

Sound parenting advice, I admire your insight. It also varies greatly between children, but in general, they are capable of understanding much more than you would imagine, you only need to break it down to their level, which is much more difficult than it sounds;. GP, you're sayin now that if you find a lady you love and she happens to be catholic, you won't get married to her just cos both of y'all churches don't agree on the same things? Provided the lady is ready to drop her beliefs and go for mine. She has to start going to my church and enroll in the beginner's or believer's class so as to avoid conflict of beliefs.

Pentecostal/Catholic Marriages: Why the Disagreement? - Religion - Nairaland

Does that answer your question? Do you believe in God? If yyes, why dont you take it to HIM in prayer for guidance and leading? God'll see you through. It is an irony, this thing between Catcholics vs Rest of Christians. I have seen many relationships die midway because of this. I don't know the details, however, I fail to appreciate the intollerance especially of the Catholics at marrying outside their sect. Anyway, what I will say is that those involved need to be guided by God.

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God commanded us to worship him, not as Pentecostals or Catholics. Infact, God do not sponsor any sect. What God sponsors is relationship with him through Christ. As long as this relationship is maintained, it doesnt matter if you are Catholic, Presbyterean, Pentecostal, Aladura or whatever. Its about the principle of relationship with God that overrides everything, not sect. So if I'm catholic and my Catcholic church will stop me from marrying a non catcholic, then I will quit that catholic and go to another church and marry, as long as the church worships by the biblical principles.

Not sleeping i hope Anyway, nferyn, i sense in my spirit that your not a religious person and probably dont go to church or even believe so deep in God let alone Christ. If that is the case, then i can understand where ur coming from. So i think she should carefully consider this prayerfully. How is he as a person commited to God. Gurl u aint marrying Church o. Na the bobo u dey marry and even if u want to go ahead with d marriage, you guys can agree to go to the Catholic charismatic church.

Its still catholic but with a pentecostal worship setting. That way everyone is happy. Sometimes we Shd put this so-called love aside and use our heads awhile, cos love isnt just everything Scopion, you cant marry just anyone okay. If you believe in Jesus, you sure cant marry an erkist cos they dont. And enough with this talk of we are serve one God but different medium.

So go and marry a shrine princess na, afterall, its still one God. Take am easy o If that is the case, then i can understand where your coming from. And I can speak from personal experience that a loving marriage between even a christian and an atheist is possible, so why wouldn't it be possible between two christians from different denominations?

All it takes is respect and putting your priorities right. And about understanding where I come from No, but I'm married to a strong christian. And again, the fact that your maaried to a "strong christain" does nt make u one or even gives you an insight to what a christain race or challenge is all about.

You can only speak from someone else's experience and not yours and thats a big difference. I guess you just explain your kind of marriage. What's that supposed to mean? No, but I can attest to the fact that there is no impediment to succes.

And its slightly arrogant for a lack of better words, I don't mean anything so harsh to imply that I cannot have any insight in christianity because I'm no christian.