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However, Attikus is taking some creative liberties with the re-telling, and has themed the adventure in the style of a noir detective tale! Band together with the Rogues, led as always by the fierce pirate captain Reyna, to save one of their own and take down the enigmatic thief behind the dastardly plot. Phoebe and her crew set off to Ekkunar to investigate what exactly is keeping this shattered planet together. What they find creates more questions than answers.

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Sorting out the Last Light Consortium. The Rogues of Battleborn. Hideout of the Rogues. The Home the Peacekeepers Deserve. Defenders of the Universe. Jennerit Concept and Design. Throneworld of the Jennerit Imperium.

Homeworld of the Eldrid. Supercharge Mode Comes to Battleborn. PVP at a Glance. Play the Free Trial! DLC 5 Releases Today.

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DLC 4 Releases Today. Battleborn Winter Update Notes.

Winter Update Arrives January Changes Coming to Battleborn: Character Select, Unlocks, and Draft Mode. New Training Modes Coming to Battleborn. Kid Ultra Early Access. Battleborn October Update Patch Notes. Face-Off Mode Comes to Battleborn. Introducing Broadcaster Tools in Battleborn. Battleborn July Update Patch Notes.

Patch Notes for June 14, Battleborn Hotfixes and Dedication to Self-Improvement.

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Open Beta Challenges Reward. What to Expect on Launch Day. Battleborn Prequel Motion Comic. Battleborn Open Beta Infographic. Top Tips for the Battleborn Open Beta. An Introduction to the End of the Universe. The relay server is a component in the chain to get people through heavy NAT so they can reach other players.

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I guess the real use depends on how long matches are. You're not using UT's services while players are playing on your servers, only when trying to find each other. I recommend making your own more efficient matchmaker and hosting that too at Amazon. Apr 29, Posts: Yep, the networking classes are not locked behind an extra paywall. UT's services are there as a convenience.

For a lengthy strategy game I think they might be a great fit, but for an FPS with short rounds it could get expensive for an indie. Oct 3, Posts: I didnt find ccu tariffs for uNet, just this: Thanks, unity but if I'm right here, I will better using photon.

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Jul 14, Posts: Here's an detailed breakdown of the reasoning and more direct answers to some questions brought up in this thread: You only pay for Unity's servers when you use it. It's super fair to you because you're only charged for what you use. It's not fair to charge for what you use during development.

You haven't optimized your code yet. That's why we give users CCU regardless of bandwidth. Once your game goes live and you to support a big player population, we start charging for based on you use. Is your game super optimized and can support 1, users with a single GB of bandwidth? Is it unoptimized and you're using 1GB per user? It's mostly CPU cyclces which aren't part of the pricing and very little in bandwidth compared to Relay Server. I need to check with the team to determine exactly how a matchmaker-only implementation can expect to charge for.

Card packs, tickets, heroes, creeps, spells: We've got screens of (nearly) everything.

If you want to use EC2 to host your server, that's fine. If traffic doesn't hit Unity's servers Matchmaker, Relay Server , you don't pay for it. If your game is really competitive or requires very predictable network performance, a server you own may be best for you. If not, you should try out Unity's implementation peer to peer, assisted with relay server. Standing up and managing your own fleet of servers is cheaper but you are spending a lot of time creating and maintaining it. To confirm, you can make your own matchmaker service and infrastructure, and still use Unity APIs.

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You will need to write the middle layer between the API and your infrastructure. Dec 1, Posts: Update on only using the matchmaking services? Nov 19, Posts: Mar 26, Posts: Joe-Censored , May 12, Hey, the recent activity on this thread is timely. We're reviewing pricing and looking for feedback. Please check out the pinned thread if you haven't already. Jan 20, Posts: Kombiice , Jun 21, Dec 4, Posts: Feb 13, Posts: I just don't get the whole thing.