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In April , Chanyeol wrote and performed the rap for the song "Confession" from Yesung 's debut extended play.

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The Lonely and Great God. In May , it was announced that Chanyeol will be playing the supporting role, Jung Se-joo - Hee-joo's younger brother in tvN's drama Memories of the Alhambra. He has been got lots of attention from famous magazines: L'Officiel Hommes , W , Allure , From debut till now, he has attended in many fashion events of high-end brands, such as: Christian Dior , Prada , Calvin Klein , He has a good relationship with Tommy Hilfiger. After that, he made a photoshoot sponsored by Tommy and got good feedback from many people.

He got praises from Vogue [27] , Allure [28].

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After the show, he appeard in Vogue Korea October with 16 page pictorial [29]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Park. Seoul , South Korea.

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Life is not a dress rehearsal — ֎ Dating Park Chanyeol

Retrieved May 12, Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 16 January Retrieved January 16, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved 12 June Retrieved June 17, Korea Music Content Industry Association. Gaon Chart in Korean. Retrieved March 8, Retrieved November 11, Retrieved 13 November Retrieved 23 November Online download — April ". When I came out and went to my sit, I saw Victoria talking to a bunch of guys.


What were they called.. Do you hear me? She looked at the guys and smiled. She twitched her tongue and hit me again. I was so done and tired, I grabbed my headphones, put some music on and tried to sleep. Then someone sat down. Who the hell does she think she is? Why is she explaining my life to strangers?! But then a hand pulled me back to my sit. Want me to help you? I thought you finally quit on acting all good.. How about we take some revenge? He sighed and scratched the back of his head. Actually, Minho and I went out for eight years and last year he proposed formally, so we were officially engaged.

However, two month ago.. They were having an affair behind my back for almost nine month. And everything went down the drain. I broke up with him. He said he still loved me but he also loved her… So there it was, a wedding already planned, all the people already invited, everything paid and the honeymoon already chose. I turned everything down, I called my family and canceled everything. Victoria, my other best friend and the true one who came especially from China for my wedding convinced me to still go on the trip.

I was so done with everything and with him..

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I actually just wanted to run away and have fun with Vic and maybe meet someone nice while in the island to.. Do you have a girlfriend? I got up from my seat and sat on his lap, facing him. His eyes got bigger. He then grabbed my waist and pulled me back on top of him. When we reached there he quickly entered one without anyone seeing and I got in after him. I though you might have already done it.. He pressed me to the wall, opening carelessly my shirt, making all the buttons fly away.

Then I pushed him, also smashing him towards the wall, taking away all this upper clothes.

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  • Taeyong then attacked hungrily my neck, leaving visible marks everywhere. Inside that small room, there was actually a fight of power between him and me. He stuck his hand under my skirt, slowly taking off my panties without breaking the kiss. I undid his belt and opened the zipper, taking my time to make him uneasy and more needy. Pulling my skirt a little bit higher, just enough for him to have space to maneuver. I bit my lips and nodded. He shoved everything in with any further concern, making me yelp at his sudden and harsh action. He waited a little for me to get used to his size.

    His words made me blush a little and when I was about to talk back, he just thrusted in and out with force, making me scream a little. With every thrusts he reached deeper and deeper inside of me, his movements got faster making me gasp every time he hit the right spot.