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I know that K-Pop artists typically don't start making money until they pay off all of their debts, but how much debt could BAP have possibly had that their multiple mini albums, full album, and successful world tour could barely pay it off? I found an article which stated that it takes about 2 billion won 1. TS stated in March of that the company's financial status is declining and that they're pretty much broke so If you're not yet convinced of TS's shadiness, allow me to introduce you to a lovely song written by Zelo called 'No Title'.

This song was released during the group's hiatus and its lyrics made it very clear who the song was about. I'm not gonna put all of the lyrics into this post because you can easily find them online, but I'll put a few of the more telling ones. I may not know who bought it for me but I became a black crow in the industry. After seeing lyrics like this from Zelo, a member that rarely if ever made waves at that point in his career, it's pretty clear who the song is about.

He literally said that the company plays dirty and that it's artists don't trust them. The last line that talks about the "couple sheets of paper" refers to the proof that BAP were asking for. This is proof that the company refused to provide. Seems like they had something to hide, doesn't it? This news came out around March of this year and of course it was no surprise to those that know anything about this company's business actions.

Employees former and current accused TS of not paying them on time and the violating the country's labor laws. Employee A had reached out to the finance department multiple times but did not receive a response.

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Employee B stated that their payments have been delayed since the first month and they are still waiting for their pay from January. Under the law, wages must be paid within 14 days, but because some have not been able to make it through their daily living they have been forced to reach out to the labour office.

Employees of TS Entertainment have not been able to receive their wages on time, and had to take out loans.

Who Is Your B.A.P Boyfriend?

In addition, there have been instances where employees have to pay for company expenses out of their own pockets. One manager said that the company had been making employees pay for parking tickets, and would compensate them but compensations have not gone through because of the delay in pay. Manager A has stated that he once worked a 20 hour shift and 6 days straight, stating he felt like he was shot.

He also stated that he has only earned 1. Some of the managers plan to file a complaint to the Labour Office in regards to TS Entertainment violating laws against minimum wage. The company has stated that the financial state of the company since last year has not been good and has declined, and because of this they have been forced to delay pay.

The vice president of TS stated that since last December the sales of the company have been poor which is why they have not been able to pay their employees. In addition, there have also been some confusions in regards to the working hours and breaks entitled to managers for idols, and TS Entertainment said they will resolve these issues by the end of March.

The thing that shocked me the most about this is how TS is using their money. Total 7 possible results. Please try to be honest as possible. I carefully researched them in order to create this quiz. This quiz contains scenarios and descriptions only. By picking the most suitable answer you will find your destined B. P member aswell as your possible ideal man. I hope you aren't too exited about your result or dissatisfied as the result may not be accurate. This quiz is just fun quiz aswell as answering your curiosity.

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