How to know your dating a hoe

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Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner 20 Nov Huey and Riley team up to convince Granddad that his new girlfriend is actually a prostitute who is after his money. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Season 1 Episode 3. What's on Nina Dobrev's Watchlist?

TV Episodes I've Seen. To be honest, if I think you're a ho, you're a ho. I am not required to give any reason or justification. No no no…I thought 2 taking money…made you a whore not a ho because ho's do it for free? LOL "slut" is a horrible sounding word…ranks right up there with calling someone a "cunt". Unless you've been in nothing but long term committed relationships, most folks whose sexual history goes back more than 10 years can't tell you how many it's been. Now I don't know my number either so Jubilee I'll be a ho right along with Tunde.

For the fellas that are enthralled with the idea that a woman's number directly correlates with her character, let me break it down for you, because it's all relative.

Signs She's A Hoe! [email protected]

I'm 29 years old and have been sexually active since the age of 16, so that's 13 years of doing the do. Now as I've said I don't know my number so let's pick a number that is seemingly astronomical, like people. I know plenty of single cats that get off new chicks in a WEEK!! But I'm a super-ho cause I've slept with men over the span of 13 years, yet at the end of the year alone some men will have slept with as many as ! A man's number is his business and his business alone.

All that matters is that he's genuinely respectful to me while I'm a part of his life. Matter of fact, if a man knows how to handle his business and blow me out, then I send a "Thank you!!! One's bedroom skills are learned and perfected over time through experience. You know all the things I do that make your toes curl, from the way I pull my legs up and arch my back just right, to the way my tongue massages your tip as I suck on you, those are all things I've learned through my past experiences in order to give you pleasure now. So in conclusion, who effin' cares how many men I've slept with in the past cause had I have not slept with those men I wouldn't know how to please a man the way that I do.

A wise old woman once told me that all women go through or need to go through a "ho" phase before they get married. Just to get it out of their system. I don't think its on the level of leaving the money on the dressor but it could be. You know, sew your wild oats then settle down? Is that even possible?! AND in the spirit of a chris rock stand-up sketch if you don't want to be confused as a cop, don't wear the uniform, lol…. That "wise" old woman gave you some bad advice. If you took the advice, it's because being that way was or is a part of your character, and perhaps you wanted some justification.

Remember an old fool was once a young fool. As a 33 year old I don't care about her numbers. But she better not be shocked if hers is higher than mine esp if she is younger. Comin up in the 80's it was accepted that new conventional wisdom around a womens sexuality was they can fuck a lot like men.

Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner

Only condition, NO spin. She wanted mo D like he wanted month P. No crap about daddy wasn't there or her man was slippin. She fucks a lot cuz she can. Well now here we are and men some are coming off real bitch assish with this insistence on numbers. However in the same vane women need not feel guilty for getting there's but just plz don't spin it, what I liked about sex in our era was the supposed sexual equality. Now women see the "urge" isn't a testostorne thing.

Aint nothin better than watchin a older yet horny as hell woman pursuing D. In my opinion men who don't live up to "he fucks everything" category are seen as suspect just as women who fuck a lot are seen in the same light. In addition I do feel women hold on to these stereotypes more than men. I have to question the age of these guys cuz honestly as men me and my boys can admit or GF's could be some dudes ' ho in that we dont have eyes every where and what is a man supposed to do?

All you can do is treat her based on the time yall have spent together what she did before me is out of my hands.. I mean she MAY have only been with 3 guys prior to you. If she's been with 20 men prior to you, you might believe her, but not wanna see that she's changed now… and for you 20 may be the magic 'hoe' number… so I say you can ask, I probably won't tell because nobody has set aside the magic HOE number…LOL so who knows how who will react when the 'number' is thrown out… so I just keep it to myself. Read the book The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman. The book is about men catching thier soulmate.

The book talks about men getting thier "tackle box" together in order to catch the right fish for them.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

The book uses fishing analogies relating to tools men need for that catch, while describing women with the same similarities as fish. As an example the book talks about Panfish, Trout, Catfish and Bass using the behaviors of those fish and relating them to types of women. The book is so true and very hilarious.

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It's the playbook on ensuring that men, who is the Fisherman catch the right women, who is the fish, for them. The book is a keeper! Did anyone ever stop to think that a male or female can spread a damaging lie that a person had sex with X number of people to destroy that person's reputation, to destroy a life, to kill, just to make themselves look cool and righteous. I really disagree with all of the comments.

Because what a person thinks is a projection of the heart. If you were able to sleep with a women fast your a hoe too. Nobody should be able to hit anything easy. This goes for men and women. As a women I dont ever wanna know that my man is so easy that i was able to hit it quick, it will make me feel he cant be around any other woman because he is to easy, he'll take whatever opens her legs i was created as a weaker vessal and if i have the strenght ,the majority of the time because I have had many to pass up on some of the finest for what i can see myself married to, than a mans number should be lower than mine not higher if we decide to discuss that.

No man or women should be having sex with anyone they are not considering marrying. Or no one should comment on anyone especially men who dont know there place, and that is to keep it locked. How about the good ole rule of no sex before the nuptials?

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I'm a 33 year black male and I'm still a virgin because I want to share my sexual experiences with one female only. I don't have a magic number, I get teased about it a lot mostly by my male friends, but that's ok. Unlike them, I have nothing to worry about, and the day my queen comes, she'll have nothing to worry about.

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