When your daughter is dating an older man

If your connection id strained, start hanging out with her and ask thoughtful questions and listen.

Work on Your Relationship

Practice listening without offering too much in the way of critique or worry. I'm not saying this is easy, but just practice.

As you get better at being with her and listening, you may find a way from unease to some comfort in discussing your worries and thoughts. Our goal isn't to avoid upset or big feelings; those will happen on their own.

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Our goal is to open a real discussion. If your relationship is pretty good, it is time to create and uphold reasonable boundaries. It is easy to let rational boundaries slip away if upsetting emotions feel too big. This scenario is an invitation to step into your role as a strong parent. That means voicing your concerns and having a conversation with your child about his or her life and your expectations.


My daughter is dating a man more than twice her age

If this is threatening to you, I strongly suggest you seek a good therapist and find your voice. And call me jaded, but I have a very strong suspicion that if they are not already sexually active, they will be soon. There is only so much unattended time two teens can spend together before the inevitable takes place.

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  8. Ensure your child sees a doctor however awkward it may be - as it will pale in comparison with the upset of an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. It is your duty as a parent to face this with honesty and compassion.

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    My challenge to you is to avoid the extremes of this dating scenario. It isn't "stop seeing him" or "pretend nothing is happening. Find your voice and use it.

    Teens who don't have boundaries and who don't have parents who actively engage them feel out of control and lost, and will tend to make dangerous decisions. Your child needs you to help navigate this relationship. As such, you should cash in on the obvious daughter-parent trust and honestly counsel your teenage girl on the consequences of making this somewhat unfavorable choice at such a tender age. Relying on your personal ingenuity, and privately, undertake a clandestine investigation to establish whether your child has been abused in any way. If not, you should handle the matter in a discreet manner to salvage your daughter from possible trouble.

    Your Teenage Daughter is Dating an Older Man? Here’s How to Handle it

    Since it may be hard to talk to your girl about her older lover, it is more advisable to delegate this responsibility to a professional counselor. It is, therefore, good to brief an independent counselor about the situation and let them discuss the issue in your absence. This will create a sense of neutrality and openness and the child will be able to share some privy details she may deliberately hide from you.

    Given the fact that your daughter may be dating a mature guy due to some particular failures as a parent, making the necessary amends may preclude the necessity of the generally unhealthy love affair. For instance, it is possible that your daughter is dating looking for the parental love that you withhold from her. It will also provide further insights about the kind of a man the teenager is involved with.

    However, this is entirely unwise as it may push your girl further into the hands of a strange man. As such, a lot of caution should be employed every inch of the tough way.

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    In any case, you should assume that the lover is a thoroughly good person — that may be the chief reason your child fell in love with him! Remember that you also passed through the same challenges that your daughter is facing currently.

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    This is an extremely important step to take as a caring parent after discovering that your daughter is dating an older male. In fact, this intervention should overrun all the other tips provided above.

    If the man is infected with a venereal disease, acting pretty fast can save your girl from deadly consequences. You must be logged in to post a comment. Older Men Show Greater Appreciation Due to their extensive interactions with the opposite gender, grown-up males learn that appreciating women is the quickest gateway into their hearts. Gown-Up Males Have Greater Self-Confidence Similarly, grown-up males are imposingly more self-assured perhaps due to the understandable fact that they have already discovered who they are, or possibly as a result of professional and financial self-actualization.

    Investigate about the Possibility of Past Incidences of Abuse Relying on your personal ingenuity, and privately, undertake a clandestine investigation to establish whether your child has been abused in any way.