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Through working with her, my confidence has soared, not only in dating, but also in my business and just about every other area of my life. What started out as a relatively lighthearted adventure has become something much more important and fundamental to my future happiness. The benefits have extended well beyond dating and have opened up new opportunities at work as well.

Jo is an extremely talented, skilled and intuitive coach, she has a natural ability for identifying issues and above all she is so easy and comfortable to work with, using her gentle but focused approach. She is encouraging and supportive and achieves outstanding results.


Just wanted to thank you once again for today's coaching session, it's left me feeling energised and eager to get meeting people and simply be myself! I have worked with Jo for over six years, she is my go to woman for any personal problems and family issues!

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Jo has a steady approach to coaching and has helped me make the changes I needed to become a better me. I have met with Jo a few times now and each time she has given me good advice and set me on a better course.

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I am now dating someone I really like and going on a holiday soon! I can recommend Jo.

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It is very helpful to have a female coach to give you advice and a lady's perspective that you won't normally think of as a man. Sign up for our new singles events, meet like minded people in a relaxed friendly atmosphere! Your perspective on my situation has allowed me to realize that I should be focused on simply having fun with my boyfriend and making the most of our time.

I have already started applying your advice this weekend and he has been responding very positively and lovingly. I was very confused before our conversation but now my situation is much more clear thanks to you!

I can't wait to put all your advice into practice. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he was also caring, compassionate, and an amazing friend.

I couldn't have been happier. However, after four months, the relationship suddenly drifted and I sensed an unforeseen break-up headed my way. Wanting to save the relationship, and thinking it's eventual demise was entirely my fault, I engaged Donna for guidance and support. Donna was absolutely amazing- she took the time to coach me about the status of the relationship, why certain events were happening, my emotions, and how to regain my strength when the relationship finally ended.

I found Donna's insight, feedback, and advice to be spot-on. I have since healed and I am now ready to date again, something I never thought possible several months earlier.

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Donna's coaching was very valuable to me and I now consider her a close and great friend. At that point I had met with a psychiatrist and counselor but just couldn't break through such a dark time. Donna had not only the expertise, but also the experience and insight to guide me through this incredibly difficult time. With each breakthrough Donna guided me through, she assured me that even though I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel, she would be there to support the decisions I so needed her guidance with.

Each and every stage of that breakup, and just as important, my eventual journey back to finding my way without whom I thought would be my life partner, Donna saw to it that I made the right decisions, and those outcomes would have not been positive for my path if it were not for her. Although my experience with a psychiatrist and other counselor were helpful, neither of them were able to show me which options truly existed, and how to make the right decisions.

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Donna always had the right advice, and as we all know, during a breakup we sometimes can't seem to keep it together. Donna made sure I didn't fall apart, she was available when I needed her which is priceless during a breakup unlike the other counselors , and kept me moving in a positive, healthy, and happy direction. No one should feel alone or lost as I initially did during my breakup, but instead should feel stronger and empowered.

Donna was the one who enabled me to feel that I could make it through, and I did, with all of her spot on insight and advice. Going through a breakup is not just about getting past losing someone, it's about finding yourself again, and Donna seamlessly glided me through this. Thanks for all your excellent insight over the years. It's definitely enabled me to be a better dater along with being more stable in relationships.

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Donna always had the right advice.