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In the 90s, Lene was well known for having a large bird tattoo on her right arm. I always came back to thinking about that tattoo. I got it done on my lower back. We call it the end of chapter one. They have two children, but never take them on tour. They stay with their grandparents and keep going to school and go on with their normal day.

More than just a novelty song. Now they understand this is something different. Last but not least, he's a life coach.

Danish/Norwegian Pop Group Aqua is Back - Interview [HQ]

Little is known about Claus Norreen, the fourth member of Aqua. His Wikipedia page says that he has a son and is separated from a Danish journalist.

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In , though, Aqua embarked on a reunion tour , and in , the band released their third album of original material, called Megalomania. The single off that album was "Playmate to Jesus," which Time magazine described as "some sort of outer space travel that does or doesn't? Consider yourself haunted by the '90s. What the Hell Happened to Aqua?

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Lene Nystrøm

As for the crazy wigs and height- of-thes fashion they were known for, she admits that she still "loves to dress up". This will be their first time here since , just before the band went on a long hiatus, and plenty has changed since then.

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Nystrom and Rasted got married and they have two children, a son Billy and a daughter India, together. They separated in April this year.

What the Hell Happened to Aqua?

But if the economy is doing poorly, then people turn to pop music to kind of cheer them up. Perhaps, people need cheering up again. It also looks like the band have one more song in them, that they plan to release next year.