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When you enable the Allow cancellation option, you can specify the minimum number of days before the event that cancellations can take place. For example, if you don't want cancellations in the week leading up to the event, you would specify 7 days. If the number of days is not specified or set to zero, then cancellations will be allowed right up to the beginning of the event.

Show registrants who want to be listed Choose whether to publish a list of registrants for the event. Doing so may encourage others to register or promote networking. If you enable this option, a Registered link will appear for the event on the event calendar and on the event details. Clicking the link will display the name of each registrant and the date of registration.

RSVP and Event Management Plugin

If the registrant is a member, their name will be linked to their profile. The registrant will be listed as Anonymous user if the registrant has unchecked Include name in list of event registrants on the registration form, or if a member has agreed to be added to the list but does not share his information with the public, and you have set your list to be visible to everyone see Member privacy settings. You can control whether the registrants list is visible to all visitors or just members, and whether the list includes pending registrations for which payment has not yet been received.

Include pending registrations Choose whether to include pending registrations in the list of event registrants. To enable registration for a simple event, click the Enabled option beside Status under the Registration heading.

After you've entered the event title and start date, click Save to save your changes. To manage the announcements, reminders, and registration confirmation message for a simple event, click the Emails tab. From the Emails tab, you can customize the emails, adding text, formatting, graphics, macros and links to each message. You can choose the recipients for event announcements, and schedule each email to be automatically delivered a certain number of days before the event, or you can manually send the email at any time.

RSVP and Event Management Plugin |

For more information, see Event emails. When the recipient clicks the Yes button, they will be automatically logged in to your site and taken to the event details, where a registration confirmation message will appear. If they click Maybe or No , a confirmation message will appear and they will be unsubscribed from all further announcements for this event. After your recipients make their choice, they can choose a different option later from their email message.

Once an event is set up and online registration is enabled, it will appear on your event calendar page in Wild Apricot, where your visitors to your site can view the event details and register for the event. To register for a simple event, visitors to your site can click the Register button from either the event calendar or the event details. If the registrant is already logged into your site, they will simply be asked to confirm their registration.

If the registrant is not logged in, they will be prompted to provide their email address then their contact information. If the email address they provide is already in your database, they will be prompted to log in, allowing the system to retrieve their contact information. Once you open a simple event for registration and save the event, a Registrants and invitees tab appears for your event.

From this tab, you can view a list of event registrants and invitees.


You can click anywhere within a row to view the registration details for a contact. From there, you can edit the registration, resend confirmation, cancel, or delete the registration. You can filter the list of registrants and invitees based on their response to your invitation, and depending on whether they have been checked into the event. To filter the registrants and invitees list, click the Filter dropdown and choose a filter option. Check in Indicates whether the registrant has been checked in to the event.

Registrants are checked in separately from guests. For more information, see Tracking event attendance. Registrant Name, email, and organization of the registrant or invitee , and the number of guests for each registrant. Membership The membership status, renewal date, and membership level of the registrant or invitee. RSVP response Indicates their response to the event invitation, and the date of their response.

To change the response, click the dropdown list under the Registration heading and select a different response. Depending on the age range of your guests you could always send RSVP cards to the elders who may not be as technologically inclined and use a wedding website for others. No advice but I would remember that if you're offering a choice for dinner you need to make sure to relay and obtain that info also.

If you're having a wedding on the bigger side I would think doing it by phone would be VERY time consuming - you'd probably have the same wedding small talk which would end up being a full blown conversation with every member of the family. I think those either a not as close to you or the groom or b those of an older generation, it may be a good idea, just in case the dont have other ways to contact you We are doing them.

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In our culture, RSVPing isn't really a thing. People usually just show up. However, our venue needs final numbers two weeks before the wedding so I tried to make the cards a little more engaging with fill in the blanks. I'm doing RSVP cards, but like another poster said everyone has had varying results. I know others suggest calling if they don't reply in a timely manner or by the RSVP date.

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In my FH culture people just show up but we have asked people to RSVP because we have limited seating and because our wedding isn't open to everyone we know or rather everyone his mom and dad know, haha. I think it depends on your guest list. If you have a lot of older people, you should do the RSVP cards.

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  5. We considered small cards with the website to RSVP for our younger guests and cards for the older ones, but I thought it would be too complicated, but it might be easier for you, so passing the suggestion along. I didn't want to waste money on postage. I am doing RSVP post cards because it does save a little bit on postage.

    I say do what you feel is best for you and your FH and family. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing RSVPs another way but it is nice to get something in the mail other than bills! I say order enough to cover the older generations who aren't as computer savvy and then include an enclosure card with your wedding website for the younger crowd who will RSVP online. We had 2 use online, 52 send back cards and 4 I had to follow up with.

    RSVP set-up?

    Also when the time comes to order invites and other stationery, let us know and we will help you with vistaprint. I ordered everything I needed and way more! Hopefully we will here back from most. I offered both options - online and through the mail, but I still have a lot of people that I'm waiting for We're definitely doing it the old-fashioned way. Ours will be an older crowd.