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I've several times wandered how it really works. And what can I read in the detailed description of MM? Well, everybody can find it on his own, however beneath are the point that are most interested:. Question to WG - don't you really use your patented mechanism do determine a battle queue? The method described with respect to FIG. Equality is a myth. In order to ensure rights for one, you must destroy rights of another. I've just have seen described situations on the text so many times, so i can say that is completely true.

I have some kind of rule for myself that leads to a hard quitting after three consecutive games as low Tier. Frags, autism, shenanigans and utter lag HERE. Damon, on 23 October - But still I do not think that WG doesn't use it's own MM formula to help players or prevent them from having too good results. And if, it's not fair to us I've just found something official patent document that undermines credibility of what WG states about MM mechanics. Just that but it's so much Grisza, on 23 October - I read it, i was tbf being quite generic as that's the way the threads tend to go.

Yours wasn't worded like that though so you have my apologies there. With that said, there's a huge "the game is rigged" literally the title of it thread a couple of pages back that already put forward the patent and got shot down. That went on for 14 pages i think. Another thread repeating the exact same thing, to inevitably go the exact same seems a bit pointless. I'm not trying to be snarky or anything here although it might seem like it via text format, merely just saying that we all already went through this very recently.

WG had several MM patents, yet this is the one baddies keep posting about because: They need excuses why they don't win more often; and b. They don't understand how companies use the patent system to protect intellectual property. A they have plain said they are not using the patented MM being described. In addition I recently purchased a new tech tree tank and was immediately bottom tier. The only reason WG patents ideas is so other companies may have to pay royalties if they clearly copy it. On the other hand others see such a MM as "rigged" which is why WG doesn't use the Player based aspects.

Personal based MatchMaking - fiction or Wargaming's oficial patent?

However seeing what is happening all around ST and 4. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do. Sovietdeath, on 23 October - To be honest, I've never believed in any conspiracy theory and I still don't. MM spread for T5 lights remains a humiliating insult to the tanks and players driving them. It was eyeburning before, now its atricous.

Chaffee is not equal in power to AMX 13 90, to think anything near that is sign of insanity. ArnieDude 13 Posted 12 July - Nice changes, except for the light tanks indeed. Why do these little tanks get so humped on the MM? They even have insanely crap view range to even try anything as a scout at those higher stages. And light tanks are the more logical tree to go for new players, to try and get acquainted with the game and how it works.

Then you get matched up against Tier 8's. At least tier 4 scouts wont be matched with tier 9 anymore P Maybe they should give players the choice to be classified as a scout, so that you can at least choose to die when you really want it that bad. Meogron 14 Posted 12 July - Well it makes balance more equal but only downside is that you will meet less variety on battlefield.

And for big boys on battlefield no more easy kills. The same, additional or different modules may be executed in tandem on a server with which each client device is connected. Video game software may include, e. Video game software may also include a network module , which manages network games sessions and communication with one or more game servers. A network game session may include e.

A memory manager module performs memory management during execution of the video game An input module may receive and interpret user input via a game controller, keyboard, mouse, and the like, and provide the interpreted commands to game manager , network module , or other applicable module. UI module may manage and control the user interface, including the display displayed on the video output device, interpreting input via the input module , and providing audio output via audio module Various software modules may operate with one or more classes or objects defined and used in the video game Each object may be rendered and simulated in the virtual world in accordance with a physics engine Video game software may include other software modules as needed.

Others may be used. Each module depicted in FIG.

A first class of in-game objects may define characters in the video game. Characters may be defined by various attributes associated with the character, e. Skills may be defined based on a character's genre or task, e.

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A gunner may have skills such as aiming accuracy and aiming speed, a tank commander may have skills that regulate the overall efficiency of the tank crew, a driver may have skills that determine the vehicle speed or precision of direction. Additional character attributes may include one or more other skills that can improve performance of the character or vehicle so as to enhance the strategic gaming experience such as firefighting skills, the ability to repair vehicles, the ability to camouflage vehicles, and the like. A second class of in-game objects may define vehicles in the video game.

Vehicles may have various attributes and functions that provide advantageous qualities to the vehicle during combat.

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For example, some vehicles might be fast with minimal firepower, whereas other vehicles may be slower but extremely powerful. Infinite variations of strength, speed, defense, and any other attribute are possible. Object module may provide an array of vehicles, vehicle components, characters and other equipment. Vehicles, vehicle components, characters and other equipment may be defined by one or more objects and instantiated during the game.

Each object may have various attributes and functions and provide advantages and disadvantages based thereon. A vehicle component may refer to an upgradeable component of a vehicle, e. Object instance has an object class Character. Instance may acquire one or more attributes from the object class. Attributes , when examined, define a state of the instance. In this example, the Character has the following attributes: Name , Qualification , Training Level , and Competence A character may also have additional skill types Additional skill types may include Repair Skills , Firefighting skills , and Camouflage skills Other skill types, attributes, etc.

Each attribute may have a particular value.


The attribute may have a default value inherited from the Qualification type For some attributes, a player may increase attribute value by allocating experience points, gained during gameplay, to the character. Increased attribute value enhances gameplay by improving performance of the vehicle containing the characters. For example, by allocating experience points to the gunner of a tank, the Training Level may be increased resulting in more accurate gun pointing by a vehicle containing that character, leading to improved vehicle performance during battle.

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  8. Similarly, the effectiveness of the additional skill types is increased in accordance with the value of the skill. Increased firefighting effectiveness results in reduced damage to the vehicle in the event of a fire. By staffing a vehicle with characters having improved attributes and skills, vehicle performance is maximized allowing for a more effective performance during game play.

    In some embodiments, attributes might not be able to be changed. Qualification may not be changed; for example, a driver may not be retrained as a gunner. A character's Competence attribute refers to their ability to operate a specific vehicle type; for example a specific type of tank such as the M3 Stuart tank. Competence may be changed by retraining the character to operate the same Qualification on a different vehicle. Changing Competence may result in a decreased Training Level in the new vehicle.

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    7. Additional experience points may be used to raise the Training Level in the new vehicle. A character may eventually be associated with multiple competence attributes—one per vehicle the character has been associated with. Object instance has an object class Vehicle. In this example, object instance is a Liechttraktor Tank and has attributes associated with tank properties.

      These attribute contribute to the vehicle's effectiveness in combat. Attribute types may also have an attribute value, which determines the effectiveness of the attribute function. One or more of the attributes, alone or in combination, may be used to assign the vehicle to a subclass. Other classes of tanks may include medium tanks and heavy tanks, among others. Subclass may be used to quickly identify to a user a general approximation of attributes associated with a vehicle without requiring the user to review each attribute in detail.

      Aspects of the disclosure involve altering object attributes in response to experience obtained within the game. Altering attributes provides for enhancing the skills of the character and enhancing properties of vehicle and vehicle components.

      Altered attributes provides the game player with vehicle and characters able to compete more effectively against other players.