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How to Delete Your Accounts From the Internet

Deletion of their Messenger goes the same way as any other software you wish to delete. Cancel your free Dating Affair account - http: Here you will find a telephone number that is unique to your profile. To cancel your paid account you must call this customer service number.

Yes, but should you wish to join again at a later date, you will need to answer all the survey questions again. Therefore, you may wish to consider only hiding your account as explained in the previous question , just in case you decide you'd like to use it again at a later date. To completely delete your account forever, login to the site and then go to Your Profile page.

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How do I delete Dating Buzz my profile? Remove Online Information Search this site.

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  • How to Delete Your Accounts From the Internet |!

How to Delete Private Information from Online Dating Sites If you want to protect your privacy online you might want to think about deleting your profiles from dating sites such as POF, Zoosk, Badoo and similar sites that require users to share personal information with strangers.