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Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. What are some games like movie star planet? Like dating,virtual worlds ect.

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This site is best viewed while logged in. Is there a game were you can date and chat whatever you want You might could try Hollywood Mogul. Can be fun but not sure about membership. Was this answer helpful? Was this comment helpful? Is there a game were you can date and chat whatever you want. This answer closely relates to:. Imvu and second life.

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How nows more texting games. Make your own website. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Are there any games like movie star planet but better? Pet city fashion world or something like that ect.

What is MovieStarPlanet?

Are any games like movie star planet and stardoll? Sorry no, that actually isnt a rare at all, its just a normal choker..


On movie star planet is the purple and black choker a rare on movie star planet? Why are you answering if you dont know the answer? Is there any online games like movie star planet but more similar to vmk for teens? Any similar games like msp? They also allow you to complete different secret missions, which play out like point-and-click adventure games. Club Penguin was acquired by Disney a while ago, so you can expect for the game to be updated with new content on a regular basis.

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Club Penguin is very colorful, and places an emphasis on being friendly and courteous to your fellow players. However, this game is generally aimed a younger audience than MovieStarPlanet. Club Cooee has never attained the same kind of mainstream popularity that Club Penguin has. Like Club Penguin, this game is updated fairly frequently. There are always new features being added, whether that be new animations, new clothing items, or new furniture. However, it still has a loyal albeit small American user base, and I think it deserves a nod.

IMVU is a wildly popular social multiplayer game where you create an avatar, make friends, and play games. You can expect to spend most of your time in IMVU chatting with other people.

Unlike Club Cooee, however, there are always plenty of people to talk to, of your own language. Personally, I think that the base avatar models look kind of creepy. This lets players roleplay or immerse themselves in as many different ways as they would like. The possibility for creativity is still there, though.

This means that a lot of the conversation that you find on IMVU will generally be more explicit and less family-friendly than you may hope.

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Games like MovieStarPlanet in 2018 – The Top 5 Alternatives

Children can watch movies, read books and digital comics, engage in quests and even collect interesting objects they find along the way. You can also make a ton of new friends plucked right across the four corners of the globe through the means of free voice and text chats. Tap into your creative side by building something new, taking snapshots or forming machinima videos which can be shared with other like-minded individuals.

This anime-themed website in our games similar to MovieStarPlanet roster was founded in and has since captured the hearts of many entertainment enthusiasts from around the globe. You can also give your onscreen character a funky hairstyle, a weapon and even a furry pet for companionship.

Furthermore, you can make new friends and discuss about various fun topics like sci-fi, anime, comics, politics and fashion. This free treat also lets you decorate your very own virtual space. The free online social entertainment portal which hit the scene nearly a decade ago lets you create 3D avatars and interact with other individuals from across the world. Aimed at pleasing the teenage audience, this entrant boasts of incorporating 3D chat rooms where you can communicate with others and join in the hottest conversations that are presently sizzling up the virtual terrain.

Here you can also host your own party, decorate the place with furniture and play your favorite tracks.

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